At an elevation of 4800 feet, Crestline offers the best of the mountain experience. 

• Four-lane highway up the mountain from San Bernardino  (Highway 18).

• High enough to get snow on occasion, but low enough to avoid most weather-related traffic issues.

• Friendly community with many recreational activities of its own, including water slide, boat rentals and fishing, walking trail, and swimming at the lake, as well as a skate park, playground, and tennis/basketball court.

• Restaurants, markets, antiques, bowling alley, coffee house, tennis courts, skate park, live theater, and quaint shops.

• Only 15 minutes away from Lake Arrowhead

• And 20 minutes from Lake Silverwood.

NOTE:  For the most accurate weather information, go to:

Most other weather sites are located some distance away from our mountain community and do not reflect accurate local weather